lundi 15 septembre 2014

29 faces September challenge

Hello !!!

I m back from Sevilla in Spain and it s been a fabulous trip.. this city is amazing !!
However I wanted to follow the 29 faces 2014 September faces from my friend Ayala (see the button on the right) so now that I m back I can show you what I ve done for the moment... a bit late I know but I will fix it :)

So, Faces from 1 to 9

to be continued :) ....

lundi 25 août 2014

I know I know....

Well, I know it's been a lonnng lonng time... Sorry for that but all the family has moved out to Paris (nearly 500 km from where we were) and it's been a hard time for us.

Anyway, now all is ok and I found my paintbrushes again yeahhh :)

So let's see what I ve done from the beginning of this month and hope you will enjoy it :)

here they are !!! that's all for the moment... Thank you in advance for your comments.
Enjoy and have fun

samedi 5 avril 2014


As I told you in my last post, my SOUL FOOD class will begin on Monday, April 7th...
I really do hope you will enjoy it (for those who subscribed to it).. for the others I will show you soon the final result..

Enjoy your weekend !


dimanche 30 mars 2014


Hi everybody,

I know, already two months since I ve written my last post..
In fact there are a lot of things happening in my life in between and as my hubby found a new job, we are moving back to Paris in 3 months..
Anyway, I still was thinking of you and here are the things have made since January...

Most of my works are about SOUL FOOD Classes, and you know what ? I really do love this community !

So here we are :

Soul Food with Heather Santos

and another lesson later with Heather :)

Soul Food with Jodi Ohl

Soul Food with Mystele Kirkeeng

Jodi Ohl also inspired me a little present for my Valentine :)

And as I needed some calm I ve played with golden leaves.. I m not a very patient person but with golden leaves you need to be patient ;0)

and I also made a video about it.. you can have a look here :

Ok that will be enough for today don't you think :)

Ooh I forgot my SOULFOOD class will be on air at the beginning of April I will revert to you to give you more details..

Thank you so much to be there for me and for your comments.. have a nice week !!!! xoxo

mardi 28 janvier 2014

It's been a while but...

Ok it's been a while but I was still thinking of you all my friends.. I just have been very busy during the  Christmas holidays and OH .. I wish you a very very Happy New Year to all of you :)..

So, what have I done during all this time ... hmm...
Of course I ve prepared my lesson for the SOUL FOOD CLASS and I finished it just in time for the D Day :)...

I ve also made a sweet Christmas Angel for the last lesson of True Free Spirit with Mindy Lacefield which is a fabulous teacher.. love you Mindy :)..
Here it is :)
And after that let's go to SOUL FOOD

First lesson of Mystele

then Gwenn Seemel    

after that Cathy Buteau

Well as you can see the SOUL FOOD CLASS is very fun :)...

Oh I forgot.. I ve also done this Guardian Angel after the Tam's Lesson on Lifebook 2014

As you can see I got a beautiful planning for this new year :)...

Hope you are doing well, and Enjoy !!!



lundi 2 décembre 2013

New Giveaway Winner

Hey girls,

As a told in one of my last posts I had no news of the first winner whose name was SuzieQ23

So As the class will open soon I had to draw another winner ... and...

YESSSSSSSSSSSS It s you Lorraine :)

so we will keep in contact for this fabulous adventure :)

So Happy !!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhh

vendredi 29 novembre 2013

This month

Hello !!!

So what happened this month.. hmmm... well
I took part in the Gurt Art 2013 from Mystele so the most of the time I ve been training...
Here are some examples of what I ve done...

I also made a painting for the Fabulous Mix it Monthly of Piarom

Here it is :)

and I filmed it.. so if you re interested let's go on youtube :)

That's all folks... Happy Thanks giving and see you soon....