mardi 28 janvier 2014

It's been a while but...

Ok it's been a while but I was still thinking of you all my friends.. I just have been very busy during the  Christmas holidays and OH .. I wish you a very very Happy New Year to all of you :)..

So, what have I done during all this time ... hmm...
Of course I ve prepared my lesson for the SOUL FOOD CLASS and I finished it just in time for the D Day :)...

I ve also made a sweet Christmas Angel for the last lesson of True Free Spirit with Mindy Lacefield which is a fabulous teacher.. love you Mindy :)..
Here it is :)
And after that let's go to SOUL FOOD

First lesson of Mystele

then Gwenn Seemel    

after that Cathy Buteau

Well as you can see the SOUL FOOD CLASS is very fun :)...

Oh I forgot.. I ve also done this Guardian Angel after the Tam's Lesson on Lifebook 2014

As you can see I got a beautiful planning for this new year :)...

Hope you are doing well, and Enjoy !!!