dimanche 30 mars 2014


Hi everybody,

I know, already two months since I ve written my last post..
In fact there are a lot of things happening in my life in between and as my hubby found a new job, we are moving back to Paris in 3 months..
Anyway, I still was thinking of you and here are the things have made since January...

Most of my works are about SOUL FOOD Classes, and you know what ? I really do love this community !

So here we are :

Soul Food with Heather Santos

and another lesson later with Heather :)

Soul Food with Jodi Ohl

Soul Food with Mystele Kirkeeng

Jodi Ohl also inspired me a little present for my Valentine :)

And as I needed some calm I ve played with golden leaves.. I m not a very patient person but with golden leaves you need to be patient ;0)

and I also made a video about it.. you can have a look here :

Ok that will be enough for today don't you think :)

Ooh I forgot my SOULFOOD class will be on air at the beginning of April I will revert to you to give you more details..

Thank you so much to be there for me and for your comments.. have a nice week !!!! xoxo