jeudi 25 septembre 2014

29 faces challenge

Oki so as I was late and a bit far away from my studio, I played with my Ipad for the 4 last photos
Hope you ll enjoy them anyway.


See you for the last faces ... :)

lundi 22 septembre 2014

29 faces challenge...

Hi all,
I m still playing with Alaya Art challenge (is good isn't it ?) and here are the things have done this week... still late :s...

Faces 10,11,12,13,14,15

I ve got to hurry up.. I m late ....
Thank you for your comments :)

lundi 15 septembre 2014

29 faces September challenge

Hello !!!

I m back from Sevilla in Spain and it s been a fabulous trip.. this city is amazing !!
However I wanted to follow the 29 faces 2014 September faces from my friend Ayala (see the button on the right) so now that I m back I can show you what I ve done for the moment... a bit late I know but I will fix it :)

So, Faces from 1 to 9

to be continued :) ....