lundi 16 septembre 2013

29 faces.. next...

See you for the next faces !!!! :D xxxx

mercredi 11 septembre 2013

Happy to see you...

Hi all !!

Holidays are now finished for me... I was in Italy and it was fabulous ! But anyway, now it's time to come back and I m happy to see you again :).

Well let's give some news oki ?

First, I had the big honor to be contacted by Mystele from the Community Thrive for a new project called Soul Food.
So you will see me in the teacher list... That's a great concept and I m so happy to take part of it.
here is a little example of this e-course and I will be very pleased if you d come and play with us.

There are such wonderful artists participating, I really do hope you will love it.

What's next ?
Well once again I am participating to the September 29 faces from Ayala

So here are my first faces :

Well that's all for today folks...I will show you my other faces really soon.
Hope you enjoy it and have a good day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!