dimanche 2 septembre 2012

Hey everybody !!
Holidays are now finished :(.. but well it's time to create again..YESSS :)

So just a few words to tell you that I m teaching a free class on a new ning group called "The trodden path" the e-course is called "one way to abstract)

I also have decided to participate to a new challenge launched by my friend Ayala .. the only thing we have to do is to create 29 faces during September... here is the link 29 Faces September.
If you want to join us.. do not hesitate it's really fun :)..

And now it's time to work... yeepee !!

So my first face is this one (ok not finished yet.. but it doesn't matter :))

Oh and of course I worked a bit during the holidays so here are my some new paintings..

Ok that's all folks for today :) see you tomorrow for the other face :)

12 commentaires:

denthe a dit…

Looking forward to where this is going! I love your new paintings!

Ayala Art a dit…

I LOVE all your paintings! Great work!
Add a tag so the Linky has all your 29 faces!
(If you don't know how to, I can help )
Great to see you in the challenge!

Analia Faul a dit…

Estupendos trabajos,fantasticos colores,felicitaciones!!!

Joyce a dit…

love your work! its gorgeous, the colours are so vibrant. Face 1 is coming along so beautifully!

Anonyme a dit…

I love your style! It has a dreamlike quality to it

Diana a dit…

Dropping by to to say Great Job! I can't comment everyday because I am trying to download some videos, which take forever. But I will be back in a few.

helloitssandra.blogspot.com a dit…

Great paintings, I love the colours you use.

NatashaMay a dit…

Ooh, I really love this lot. :) Bunny is my fave. Great colors!

Chris a dit…

Oh I love your cute face and the other artwork is amazing too. So glad to see you in the challenge :)

I just finished doing your workshop on the Trodden path and it was so cool :)
Chris x

jenny a dit…

Re-moi! (je reviens de ton blog français)Bizarre de te lire en anglais telle une américaine ou autre anglophone. Mais ça fait plaisir de te relire et de voir tes nouvelles créations!

artlover a dit…

Lovely work ;-)

Glycérine a dit…

Hey you !!
Happy to see you here !!
I hope you enjoyed what you ve seen and thanks in advance for your comments..
Have a good day