mardi 9 octobre 2012

Still working !!!

Hello my friends !!

I want to show you the last things I ve done so that you can see I m not sleeping lol...

So for a new baby born I ve made this

 As I love dolls I m still training myself and I ve done an angel

 There was also a challenge on the trodden path about Klimt

 And I ve just finished a painting I began 2 months ago (a big one 1m x 80cm)

I would also like to thank you all these kind people who bought some of my products on My Shop :)

Anyway lots of love to all of you  !! Enjoy !!

6 commentaires:

helloitssandra.blogspot.com a dit…

I love all the bold colours you are using. Your Klimt inspired lady is beautiful. I have been thinking of taking Janes challenge too:) I bet your abstract painting looks amazing on the wall! You have been very busy!!

jenny a dit…

Oui, en effet, tu ne chomes pas! J'aime particulièrement ton Klimt et ta grande toile!

NatashaMay a dit…

Oh, I love it all! Especially the lady and the cupcake. Gorgeous!

Anonyme a dit…

Bonjour Glycérine!

Merci pour ton commentaire sur mon blog.
Tu fais des choses superbes aussi!
Je suis ravie de faire la connaissance d'une nouvelle artiste mixed media talentueuse!


BitchaL® a dit…

C'est génial, j'aime tout ça :)

Quel pâte as-tu utilisé pour la poupée, et quelle armature..?

Merci, et bonne continuation, bises :)

Joëlle dit Jeffy a dit…

Bravo, c'est magnifique. Les couleurs sont superbes. J'aime ta dame "Klimt", très bien travaillée, mais le reste aussi. Encore bravo.