lundi 25 mars 2013

Un certain Parfum

Hello everybody ! It's been a while isn't it ?? :) But I m still thinking of you so here is my last painting called "Un certain Parfum"

Hope you re all doing well.. Thanks in advance for your comments.. See you soon



4 commentaires:

Nolwenn a dit…

Je te l'ai déjà dit. Mais j'aime vraiment beaucoup cette peinture!

Joëlle dit Jeffy a dit…

J'aime beaucoup. Bravo !!!

denthe a dit…

Beautiful! love the strong colours!

mystele a dit…

hello, glycerine! i just wanted to make sure that you received an email about an online class. it would have come to you on sun mar 31. i'm going to contact you either through facebook or email (hotwatercornbread at gmail dot com). can't wait to hear from you!