vendredi 25 mai 2012

The Queen ...

Hi there, waiting for tomorrow results concerning the "All together Now" challenge..
I ve made a video of me painting.. Hope you ll enjoy it and see you tomorrow :)

I have to thank some great artists for the inspiration they gave me and also for their fabulous workshops..

- Wyanne for the "Paint Free Classes" and " Mixed Media with the Girls" courses
- Mitsi B for "Discover what's Inside" workshop
and Mindy Lacefield (Tim's & Sally) for "Paint your Story" workshop.. (still running)

Girls.. you all brought me a really precious thing.. your time and also your talent...

Thank you so much to all of you !!


4 commentaires:

Introverted Art a dit…

I love your video. Creating is the most satisfying endeavor.

Joyce van der Lely a dit…

My sweet, a very nice Queen you painted !!!!Love the video ♥ You know you won my "all together now" giveaway !? I need you to email me your address !!!!xx

Tejae: Heart Shaped Art a dit…

love your video. :)

Tejae: Heart Shaped Art a dit…

love your video. very fun to watch. ♥