samedi 19 mai 2012

Today is the  ALL TOGETHER NOW day! Thanks to Amy who came up with this blog idea, we get a chance today to give stuff away. :))) So here is mine.. I will send it to the winner who will be randomly choosen (or not :D).. So the only thing you have to do is to leave a comment on my blog and tell me sweet things.. I m sure my choice will be touched by the sweetest comments lol..  The result will be announce on Saturday 26th..

Hope you'll enjoy it :)
10x10 cm on wood..

ohh I forgot.. I just wanted to tell you something I ve never told before.. I m the best girl all over the world ;0)..no no Amy it's not you héhé...
Well ok.. I hate speaking of me, it's a very difficult thing, but for you I ll make a little effort... 

So I m a mother of 3 teenagers and my Hubby has also 3.. so we have 6 teenagers at home.. we have 2 dogs, 2 cats, some fishes and also 2 "Hamster" don't know how to say it in english.. Of course you should have noticed I m French because of my "wonderful english" :D

I m a mixed media painter, but I also love to do a lot of things with my hands.. dolls, jewels etc etc..

I have the chance to have my own studio, where I spend all the time I can so as you may already think I m an happy girl..

So I think that's enough talking about me

Enjoy your day

10 commentaires:

NatashaMay a dit…

You are wonderful! You need to brag about yourself more.:) I love this elephant and your art in general. Thanks so much for the chance to win it. :)

Joyce van der Lely a dit…

Ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh I LOOOOOOOOve this force of nature (and also the reminder taht I have to post my bragging post today :) eeks ! xoxoxo J

Pan's Daughter a dit…

Six teenagers? SIX??? TEENAGERS??? God bless you.
I love your elephant - so whimsical and sweet!

Simona Cordara a dit…

Wonderful post, dear. :)

Titbelsoeur toute seule a dit…

ooooh mais je le veux moi, ce petit éléphant, avec ses petits yeux trop mignons !!!

Kristin a dit…

WOW! SO happy to have found you through All TOGether Now! Your blog and art are gorgeous - so colorful and full of life and energy! And your own studio! So fabulous.
Thanks for your sweet comment and the chance to win this amazing piece.
And oh yeah, 6 teenagers! Um, wow!
Kristin xo

Luna a dit…

So happy that I discovered you beautiful blog through All Together now. Great post!
Blessings and light to you my dear!!!

Palma a dit…

I love this little elephant and your paintings always have much energy. I don't know how manage with a house full of 6 teenagers and all those pets! You must be wonder women ;)

Anne a dit…

J'adooooooore ton nelephant il est trop trop beau

amy a dit…

Do you know, i didn't see this? I feel so soso sosooooo terrible. i really do. Did i miss your email? I knew you were planning on participating, but i thought maybe you decided not to.

ohmygosh, i feel really truly terrible.

i don't think i added your main link. I feel so bad. Please accept my apologies. I really thought you had decided not to do it - i don't always get my emails.

i am sooo sorry.


i'm really sorry.